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A&M Plumbing & Heating LTD

I have been self employed for over 20 years, a long serving customer of mine had been struggling
with damp in the dining room in her Victorian built house for many years and I had tried everything I
could to help her resolve the issue many times. I heard about AGP from a fellow engineer, I really
couldn’t fault the service they provided for her, they obviously knew what they were doing when it
comes to damp and mould, the customer gave me all the credit but it was really down to AGP –

Safestart School Tameside

As an independent school, we had a really tight budget to make sure our premises was compliant to
all the relevant standards to qualify to be a place of education, Gary from AGP Property Solutions
worked closely with us and we managed to turn the building around in the strict timeframe we had –
thank you so much Gary and the rest of the team at AGP

Abdul Hakkem

We had a vulnerable tenant who we struggled to make contact with to check if they were keeping
our property to a reasonable standard, after multiple attempts to gain access we didn’t know where
to turn – we heard about AGP from our solicitor, they were amazing. At first we thought our tenant
was just neglecting our property on purpose as we could see from the outside that the property seem
to be deteriorating – after guidance from AGP’s safeguarding team we began to understand the
vulnerability of the tenant and totally changed our mindset resulting in getting them the help they
needed – we have now actually become friends.

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