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Mould and Damp Control

To prevent mould growth, it's essential to address these contributing factors by ensuring proper ventilation, promptly fixing leaks, maintaining appropriate humidity levels, and addressing any water damage promptly. Regular inspection and maintenance can help mitigate the risk of mould in a property

Exposure to mould can have harmful effects on health, and certain individuals may be more vulnerable to these impacts. Here are some of the potential harmful effects of mould:

       Respiratory Issues:

  • Mould spores can be inhaled, leading to respiratory problems.

  • Individuals with asthma or pre-existing lung conditions may experience worsened symptoms or increased frequency of attacks.
     Allergic Reactions:

  • Mould can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

  • Symptoms may include sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and skin rashes.
    Compromised Immune System:

  • People with compromised immune systems, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplant recipients, may be more susceptible to infections caused by mould.

  • Prolonged exposure to certain types of mould may lead to respiratory infections, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems.
    Aggravation of Existing Conditions:

  • Individuals with existing conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia may experience worsening of their conditions in the presence of mould.#
    Infants and Children:

  • Babies and children, whose immune and respiratory systems are still developing, may be more vulnerable to the effects of mould exposure.

  • Elderly Individuals:

  • The elderly, with potentially weakened immune systems, may be at an increased risk of experiencing health issues related to mould exposure.
    Pregnant Women:

  • Pregnant women may be more susceptible to respiratory issues, and there is a potential risk of adverse effects on fetal development in the presence of certain moulds.

It's crucial to take mould issues seriously, especially in properties where vulnerable individuals reside. If you have concerns about mould and its potential health effects, consulting a doctor is advised. Additionally, addressing the root cause of mould growth, such as moisture control and proper ventilation, is essential to mitigate health risks. Regular inspections and prompt remediation efforts can help create a healthier living environment

Cleaning with Water Pump

Dealing with mould can be a concerning issue, and it's essential to address it promptly and effectively. At AGP property care solutuions LTD, we specialize in mould removal services with 10 years of experience, providing expert solutions for both domestic and commercial premises.

Understanding the Issue:

Mould growth is often a result of underlying moisture issues, stemming from factors such as water ingress, flooding, leaks, poor ventilation, or damp patches. Identifying the root cause is crucial for effective mould remediation.

Our Approach:

As reputable mould removal specialists, our trained remediation specialists take a comprehensive approach to address mould problems:

1.    Cause Identification: We begin by identifying the cause of the mould growth, examining factors such as water leaks, poor ventilation, or damp conditions.

2.    Quotation and Assessment: Our team provides a thorough quotation and assessment, evaluating the extent of the issue and recommending a plan for eradication.

3.    Safety Considerations: Ensuring your safety is our priority. We advise on the habitability of the property and guide you through the necessary steps to create a safe living or working environment.

4.    Expert Eradication: With over 10 years of experience, we employ proven methods to effectively remove mould, preventing its recurrence.

Why choose AGP property care solutions:

·         30 Years of Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in the field, offering reliable and effective solutions.

·         Domestic and Commercial Expertise: Whether you have a small domestic issue or a larger commercial concern, we have the expertise to assist.

·         Reputation for Excellence: we ae is known for our reputation as a reliable and reputable mould removal specialist.

Contact Us:

If you are facing a mould problem in your property, big or small, we invite you to contact us for professional mould removal services. We are committed to providing expert solutions to create safe and healthy living and working environments.

Feel free to reach out for a quotation or any inquiries


Mould growth in a property is often a result of excess moisture, and various factors can contribute to this issue. Here are common causes of mould in a property:

1.    Water Ingress (Flooding): Flooding, whether from external sources or plumbing issues within the property, can introduce excessive moisture, creating an environment conducive to mould growth.

2.    Drying Clothes Without Ventilation: Drying clothes indoors without proper ventilation can lead to increased humidity levels, providing an ideal breeding ground for mould.

3.    Lack of Ventilation During Bath/Shower and Cooking: Inadequate ventilation during activities that generate moisture, such as bathing, showering, and cooking, can lead to humidity buildup and contribute to mould formation.

4.    Damp: Damp conditions, often stemming from leaks, condensation, or poor insulation, create an environment where mould can thrive.

5.    Tumble Dryers Without Adequate Ventilation: Tumble dryers that are not properly ventilated can release moisture into the air, contributing to elevated humidity levels and mould growth.

6.    Furniture Placement Near External Walls: Placing furniture too close to external walls can impede proper air circulation and create areas where moisture is trapped, fostering mould development.

7.    Trickle Vents in Sealed or Closed Windows: Trickle vents in windows are designed to provide ventilation. However, if windows are consistently sealed or closed, these vents may not effectively prevent moisture buildup, potentially leading to mould issues.

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